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Private 1 Hour 1-ON-1 coaching directly from MuleSkinner. Learn techniques impossible to find anywhere else, including market maker concepts. Limited availability maximum of 3.

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t3mpoz's Discord Homies

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I really had a great time on 1on1 session with T3mpoz. It does`t matter if you are a beginner or have been trading for a longer period of time, you can benefit from his lessons. T3mpoz gave me the exact answers on my questions - no BS just straight answers. I also like the way that he really wants you to understand things he teaches you. He is not just explaining but also let you explain things back to him so that he sees that you understood what he was telling you. T3mpoz is the real deal!!!
MTTV Subscriber
In this overcrowded space of “market gurus” promising to give you the “secret” it’s rare to actually come across a real and honest standout such as T3mpoz. I can’t speak highly enough about him. He’s a natural teacher who legitimately cares about the success and education of his clients. In early 2019 I took a significant hit in the market and decided to seek help. I quickly signed up for a session with T3mpoz. Thank god I did. He effortlessly helped me analyze my strategy and provided me with techniques to manage my risk so that I’d never be in that situation again. All without judging my previous mistakes. Bottom line, after our session I had the confidence and tools to bounce back. Thanks to T3mpoz I’ve had my best trading year yet! And I’ve been trading for over ten years. So if you’re looking to invest in your future, don’t hesitate. The small investment you make with T3mpoz today will pay you back for years to come!
MTTV Subscriber
I had a great learning experience on a session with T3mpoz. His way of explaining things is very clear, direct and makes a point quickly and easy to understand. I liked his down to earth approach, he’s not trying to prove how good he is and answers to your questions concretely. This session is well worth the money and I believe you will make it back quickly with the stuff you learned from him that will stay with you through your trading journey. I’d recommend it to anyone regardless if you are trading for a long time or just starting. It definitely helped me, that I can tell for sure.
MTTV Subscriber
After taking private sessions with both t3mpoz and with Mule Skinner, I feel more confident than ever than in my trading. T3mpoz breaks things down very clearly and is really good at emphasizing points he detects you are lost on. Where I was stumbling before, I found new balance. Later adding the unique tactics I learned from Mule Skinner, I have been able to develop a significantly more profitable trading record. The stress reduction alone makes them worth every penny.
Bit Eastwood
Bit Eastwood
MTTV Subscriber